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The High Seas Initiative is a dynamic, interdisciplinary program that brings the ocean community and world leaders together to sustainably manage and protect the health of our planet’s ocean, including the High Seas, our greatest and most neglected global commons. We use the convening power of many organizations to advance ocean health and the wellbeing of people and communities that depend on ocean and coastal resources. In doing so, we expand awareness of how ocean ecosystems affect everyone on this planet, and we advance actions that improve management of our ocean and coasts to ensure they continue to provide the vital goods and services on which all of us rely.

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Stanford University

Dr. Barbara Block

Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Professor in Marine Sciences

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John M. Bridgeland

Founder & CEO

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Mission Blue

Dr. Sylvia Earle

President and Chairman of Mission Blue

National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence


Filmmaker and Conservationalist

Robert Nixon

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Dr. Richard Pyle

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