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CIVIC'S "Greatest Hits"

A look at some of CIVIC, LLC and Civic Enterprises' past projects that made big waves in the world.
Silent Epidemic report cover

The Silent Epidemic


In 2006, Civic Enterprises issued the report, The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts.  TIME Magazine and Oprah addressed the report, which triggered the TIME Cover Story Dropout Nation and two Oprah shows.


Read here.

Image of Oprah Winfrey covering Schools in Crisis

Oprah: Schools in Crisis

Spring 2006


Oprah Winfrey covered the report in two separate shows. ​


Read here.

BGN: Oval Office

Winter 2010


President Barack Obama and General Colin Powell Reference Civic's report, Building a GradNation in an oval office meeting.

Can Government Play Moneyball? 

Summer 2013


John Bridgeland and Peter Orgszag wrote an article published in The Atlantic about how a new era of fiscal scarcity could make Washington work better.

Read here.

PBS NewsHour

April 2014


John Bridgeland appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss Civic's Building A Grad Nation. Graduation rates had increased to 80%.

Moneyball for Government

February 2015

The Alma and Joseph Gildenhorn Book Series features Peter Orszag, former director of the Office of Management and Budget and John Bridgeland, former director of the White House Domestic Policy Council discussing their latest book Moneyball for Government (Disruption Books)


View Here.

Future of Work Initiative

December 2015

Future of Work Initiative, co-chaired by Bruce Reed and John Bridgeland. The launch event featured a series of panel discussions with key voices in the conversation around independent workers, in the on-demand economy and beyond. Senator Mark Warner and Labor Secretary Thomas Perez joined the discussion.


View Here.

National Geographic

August 2016

John Bridgeland and Sylvia Earle authored an article titled, "National Parks Were America's Best Idea. Let's bring them Underwater."


Read Here.

Tedx Talk

February 2017

How can America restore its ability to solve big problems, bring young people together in common purpose across race, ethnicity, politics and religion, and heal a divided nation? Former White House Domestic Policy Director John Bridgeland shares his vision for universal voluntary national service.


Watch here.

National Conference on Citizenship

September 2005


Leaders from throughout the country, including Justice Kennedy, gathered for an annual National Conference on Citizenship to discuss the nation’s civic health, hosted by John Bridgeland.

Watch here.

TIME: Dropout Nation 

April 2006


TIME Magazine's article by Nathan Thornburgh/Shelbyville, based on Civic Enterprises' report.

Read Here.

TIME magazine Dropout Nation magazing cover

TIME: National Service 

September 2008


Civic Enterprises brought Sen. John McCain and President Obama together to speak at the Service Nation Summit, triggering this TIME Cover Story.

Read Here.

TIME magazine National Service article cover

PBS NewsHour 

Winter 2010


John Bridgeland appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss slowly declining high school drop out rates. 

Aspen Ideas Festival 

Summer 2013


John Bridgeland presents his vision for Civilian National Service at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

HuffPost: The Big Blue Elephant 

September 2014


John Bridgeland and oceanographer, Sylvia Earle published an article about the UN General Assembly meetings to address climate change and the importance of the ocean. 

Read here.

Aspen Ideas Festival 

Summer 2015


John Bridgeland presents on the power of youth at the Aspen Ideals Festival.

Federal Invest in What Works Event

April 2016

Results for America gathered top federal leaders at the Newseum in Washington D.C. to discuss their most exciting efforts to build and use evidence to improve results for the American people. This video features former White House Directors John Bridgleand and Bruce Reed, former USAID Administrator Raj Shah, and Office of Management and Budget Director Shaun Donovan.

Aspen High Seas Initiative

Summer 2016

The Aspen High Seas Team launches its initiative at The Aspen Ideas Festival. 

Learn more.

Sea of Hope 


Sylvia Earle, Bob Nixon, John Bridgeland and Sarah Nixon premiere their Sea of Hope film at National Geographic to an overflowing crowd, to bring the national park idea to the ocean in the next century -- the "Blue Centennial". 

Watch here.

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