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From COVID Collaborative

Hidden Pain: Children
Who Lost a Parent or Caregiver

to COVID-19 and What the
Nation Can Do to Help Them

Of the more than 760,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 as of November 17, 2021, there are 167,000 children
under 18 who have lost a
parent or other in-home caregiver.

CIVIC (formerly

Civic Enterprises)

is a bipartisan ideas company specializing in innovative initiatives

at the cutting edge of domestic, economic, and international policy.



Let’s put service at the center of national renewal | Dallas Morning News

January 9, 2024:  "Imagine a generation raised on serving others" - Utah is launching a comprehensive initiative to expand service and volunteering, including mandatory high school service hours, service opportunities for businesses with government contracts, and a groundbreaking Service Year Fellowship program, with plans to share innovative practices nationwide. Read the Opinion piece by Utah Gov. Spencer Cox and John Bridgeland here.

Ask and All:  A rallying cry to the nation | The Hill

October 23, 2023:  As the 2024 presidential election approaches, candidates should consider a new call to service, drawing on historical examples to inspire Americans to work together on public challenges and address the current crisis of low trust in institutions and civic disengagement. Deval Patrick & John Bridgeland's Opinion piece is available to read here.

Let’s make ‘citizen’ a verb | The Hill

September 22, 2023:  According to recent studies, Americans are tuning out of politics and crave something new from our nation's leaders. Making 'citizen' a verb could very well be one answer, according to John Bridgeland. The opinion piece in The Hill can be read here.

CPB Forum Inspires Ideas for Public Media to Strengthen Democracy and Civil Society|Corporation for Public Broadcasting

September 14, 2023:  The 2023 CPB Public Media Thought Leader Forum in Grand Rapids, Michigan, brought innovators and public media leaders together to discuss the role of public media in strengthening democracy and civil society as America approaches its 250th anniversary in 2026, with CPB President and CEO Patricia Harrison emphasizing public media's commitment to this ongoing effort. John Bridgeland, CEO of More Perfect, a democracy-focused initiative, outlined its five democracy goals, with a particular emphasis on universal civic learning, emphasizing the power of citizens to address challenges in a democracy. Read the full article here.

No Greater Mission. No Greater Means. How National Service Can Advance Bridgebuilding | Convergence

July 2023: How can national service prioritize its resources to support communities in bridging divisions, particularly those resulting from differing ideological, cultural, or political viewpoints? "Embracing bridgebuilding as a more intentional goal of national service is not only vital for the health of our communities and the nation – it’s also vital for national service to flourish..." With input from John Bridgeland, please access the full working paper here.

Finding Refuge, Embracing Compassion: How Refugees Remind Us of America's True Spirit on Independence Day | Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper

July 1, 2023: As Americans prepare to celebrate almost 250 years of independence, we are reminded that this nation and it's citizens are still called to welcome and provide safe shelter to refugees who have fled their countries to find safety on our soil. Read the story of a family who fled Afghanistan and found compassion, a new home, and community support through the Welcome.US initiative. The full article can be read here.

America graduates from its dropout challenge | The Dallas Morning News

June 22, 2023: As millions of families celebrate high school graduations this month, were it not for a remarkably successful national collective effort, there would be more than half a million fewer diplomas awarded this year. Read the opinion piece by John Bridgeland and Robert Balfanz that discusses our nation’s 20-year effort to confront its high school dropout challenge in The Dallas Morning News here.

June 20, 2023: Approximately 5.2 million children in the United States experience the death of a parent before their 18th birthday yet they remain largely anonymous, with no mechanism in schools, pediatricians’ offices or youth-serving organizations to identify them or their families  Read the full opinion piece here to discover how a new partnership that has emerged in Utah will begin to address the challenge of this hidden epidemic. Authors: Governor Spencer Cox and John Bridgeland:

Timothy P. Shriver and John M. Bridgeland Champion Social-Emotional Learning as Key to Student Mental Health | Maria Shriver's Sunday Paper

May 20, 2023: Our nation's children are facing alarming rates of depression and anxiety coming out of the pandemic. Young people are having difficulty adapting to school routines, managing relationships and avoiding the perils of alcohol, drugs and violence.  The U.S. Surgeon General talks about “an epidemic of loneliness.” In virtually every community, parents, teachers, and caregivers are sounding a painful alarm: we need help. To learn more about how schools and communities that develop and reinforce the skills, attitudes and beliefs that help us all develop positively and prevent the most serious mental health problems, read the article penned by Timothy Shriver and John Bridgeland here.

Building a new community of local changemakers| Change Collective

February 28, 2023: Calling all changemakers in Chicago, Detroit, and Jackson — you need to know about the Change Collective. Change Collective is building a cohort of local leaders who want to bring people together, bridge divides, and solve problems at the community level. You'll have access to training opportunities, leadership development, and a network of local and national mentors. I am proud to be on Change Collective's Advisory Council, and I encourage you to learn more and apply at

Moore calls for gap service year after high school. What could it mean for Maryland?| Herald Media

February 14, 2023: Wes Moore, Maryland's new governor, has a bold idea for civic service. “We are going to be the state that’s going to bring a service-year option for every single high-school graduate,” said Moore, and his second executive order established the Department of Service and Civic Innovation, creating a cabinet secretary position to oversee the service year option program. John Bridgeland called what’s happening in Maryland “one of the more exciting developments in civilian national service I’ve seen since 9/11.” Read more about the SERVE Act here.

A bipartisan approach to pandemic security? It’s within reach |STAT

February 27, 2023: Covid-19 laid bare persistent inequities across America. While there is reason to worry, there is also reason to be hopeful. Read how a  diverse group of leaders convened to discuss how to better protect Americans from pandemic threats while at the same time reinforcing American values of freedom and democracy. Access the article here.

"In our right minds..."| The Call to Unite

February 13, 2023: Tim Shriver pens a moving tribute to Washington Post columnist and ally of UNITE and CIVIC efforts Michael J. Gerson and shares Mike's hopes for the future...  Read the full UNITE newsletter here.

Mourning ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ Along With Its Author| NY Times

February 10, 2023: Mourning the passing of presidential speechwriter and columnist Michael Gerson, those "gathered in the majestic Washington National Cathedral, where presidents and cabinet secretaries and other titans of America’s ruling class are traditionally memorialized in the nation’s capital" want the legacy of Mike's legacy of  "compassionate conservatism" to live on. “In honor of Mike, we need a renewed commitment to that legacy that he nurtured, cultivated, so beautifully over his life and gave voice to,” John Bridgeland  Read the full article here.

Thanks to progress made from 2000, 10.6 million lives have been saved from malaria. But 800 children still die from malaria every day. You can help be part of the effort to end malaria deaths.  Go to:

Gracias a los progresos realizados entre 2001 y 2020, se han salvado 10.6 millones de vidas de la malaria. Pero aún mueren 800 niños de malaria cada día. Usted puede colaborar con la iniciativa para acabar con las muertes por malaria. Visite:

Washington, DC 20036


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