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Hidden Pain: Children Who Lost a Parent or Caregiver to COVID-19 and What the Nation Can Do to Help Them

Of the more than 760,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 as of November 17, 2021, there are 167,000 children under 18 who have lost a parent or other in-home caregiver. 


Civic (formerly Civic Enterprises) is a bipartisan ideas company specializing in innovative initiatives at the cutting edge of domestic, economic, and international policy.


REPORT: Educating Future-Ready Students| CASEL, CCD, CIVIC

May 9 2022: Civic, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the Coalition for Career Development (CCD) Center released a new report featuring a state policy roadmap for K-12 education that prepares students to succeed in a rapidly changing world. "Americans look to the education system to equip young people to succeed in this environment, but traditional approaches have often fallen short with the rapidly changing future of work. Employers and the evidence point to a need for social and emotional skills within career and workforce education.   Access the report here.

America is rallying to support Ukrainians | The Hill

March 30, 2022: ..."twice in the past year, American policy and the American people have turned their attention to welcoming substantial populations of newcomers — first from Afghanistan and now from Ukraine." "Americans want to help, and they are working with Welcome.US to ensure that those who need a haven here will find one."  Read here.

Ukrainians are dying for democracy. In America, Republicans won't stand up to Trump. | USA Today

March 26, 2022: The contrast now between Ukraine and the United States is striking, but in an unexpected way – in the defense of democracy.. Read the USAToday op-ed on the threat to democracy in America by John Bridgeland here.

Ukrainian Support

March 26, 2022: John Bridgeland, Tim Shriver, John DiIuio, Naz Ash and other members joined Archbishop Borys Gudziak and his team in Philadelphia to develop a plan to support the 100,000 Ukrainians who can seek safe haven in the United States. Click here to view.

Democracy Dialogues | The Cavalier Daily

March 19, 2022: The second Democracy Dialogues event of the semester centered on a discussion about the stability and relevance of global democracy in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine this past Wednesday on Zoom. Read here.

New year, new hope for rural America | West Central Tribune

February 10, 2022: "Combined efforts like the one NRHA and COVID Collaborative are proud to help lead aim to meet rural Americans where they are through their trusted healthcare and medical leaders, houses of worship, the agricultural community, and the small business community." Read the full opinion piece.

Afghan refugees need help. | USA Today

February 4, 2022: "Afghan refugees needed help. Americans stepped up to say, 'Welcome to your new home.'" Read the USA Today op-ed on Welcmoe.Us by John Bridgeland and Cecilia Muñoz here.

'Fireside Chats' with World Leaders | UVAToday

January 13, 2022: The January term course at the University of Virginia, President Biden's First Year, is learning to assess leadership with an 18-person bipartisan guest list, including UVA Law alumnus John Bridgeland. Read here

A call to action to help America's children | The Hill

December 24, 2021: John Bridgeland and Dan Treglia call on the public and private sectors to engage in a national strategy that helps the 167,000+ children that have lost their in-home caregiver to COVID-19. Read here.

COVID-bereaved children need our support | The Enquirer

December 13, 2021: John Bridgeland shares why COVID-bereaved children need our support, following COVID Collaborative's Hidden Pain report on the more than 167,000 children who lost a caregiver due to the pandemic—"COVID orphans." Read here

REPORT: Hidden Pain | COVID Collaborative

December 9, 2021: Today, COVID Collaborative launched the report Hidden Pain: Children Who Lost a Parent or Caregiver to COVID-19 and What the Nation Can Do to Help Them. Of the more than 760,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19 as of November 17, 2021, there are 167,000 children under 18 who have lost a parent or other in-home caregiver, with the greatest impact on communities of color and children 13 and younger who are the most dependent. 



NYT ARTICLEChildren, Coping with Loss, are Pandemic's 'Forgotten Grievers' by Sheryl Gay Stolberg

You're Being Fed Lies | USA Today

December 9, 2021: "Just as young people should be taught coding, they must be taught the decoding of news and information as a prerequisite of informed citizenship," write John Bridgeland and Margaret Spellings, former Secretary of Education. Read more about the role of civic education in distilling fact from fiction. 

Can Vastly Bigger National Service Bring the Nation Back Together? | The New Yorker

November 19, 2021: "Recently, calls for expanding national service have risen sharply, in the hope that it can help address America’s growing political fragility and hostility." "National service is big citizenship—it’s not big government,” says John Bridgeland. Read here

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