Civic is proud to support the Ad Council as a COVID Collaborative member for the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative.

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NEW Research Briefs: Boosting Postsecondary Attainment

June 16, 2021 — New research briefs by Civic, supported by Lumina Foundation, explore the added challenges and barriers immigrant, English Learner, and American Indian and Alaska Native students experience in education. These populations typically face higher levels of student need, as they are more often low-income and are more likely to have multiple adverse childhood experiences. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized existing barriers, such as the digital divide and language skills.

American Graduate Initiative | The Business Journal

June 3, 2021 — "A multiyear initiative from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and The WNET Group aims to help students explore and prepare for high-demand careers, including the 30 million open middle-skill jobs that require a one-year occupational certificate or two-year associate degree." Read more

Parents are key to ending the pandemic | The Hill

May 19, 2021 — Steven Phillips, John Bridgeland, and Michael Casserly write that "To reach herd immunity and return to full societal activity and productivity, we will need America’s parents to allow the vaccination of their children." Read the op-ed:

Where Does Social-Emotional Learning Go Next? | Ed Week

May 11, 2021 — John M. Bridgeland & Francie Richard write that "we have the opportunity to revisit the purpose of the educational enterprise and ensure schools, families, and communities are working together to define student success through a holistic lens." The new Civic & Allstate report, Ready to Engage, explores parents and teacher perspectives on social and emotional learning and service-learning. Read the op-ed:

The Legacy Project with Jim Copple

April 28, 2021 — Listen to the latest episode of The Legacy Project with Jim Copple. John Bridgeland and Jim Copple discuss legacy, the one we inherit and the one we can create.

How to Sell the Coronavirus Vaccines to a Divided, Uneasy America | The Washington Post Magazine

April 26, 2021 — Read The Washington Post Magazine's article about the COVID Collaborative partnership with the Ad Council on their "It's Up to You" campaign. It's an inside look into one of the biggest, most difficult public service campaigns in U.S. history — and the decisions that led to a surprising strategy. "We’ve got to get back to a sense of ‘we’...Our campaign [with the Ad Council] is reaching a population that’s more difficult for the government campaign to reach," says John Bridgeland, Co-Founder of the COVID Collaborative.  

Fireside Chat with CDC Director, Dr. Walensky | COVID Collaborative

April 23, 2021 — Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the Centers of Disease Control, joined the COVID Collaborative for a fireside chat, moderated by former Governor Dirk Kempthorne (R-ID) and Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) on how we can safely and sustainably reopen schools and the economy. This event was co-hosted by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, the Council of the Great City Schools, Chiefs for Change, and the American College Health Association. Watch here.

Nation Faces ‘Hand-to-Hand Combat’ to Get Reluctant Americans Vaccinated | The New York Times

April 21, 2021 — Half of American adults have received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine. Now comes the hard part: persuading the other half to get it. “People have very legitimate concerns,” John Bridgeland said, “and they need good answers from trusted people.” Read the full article

NEW REPORT! Ready to Engage

April 13, 2021 — A new report from Civic in partnership with Hart Research Associates and made possible by The Allstate Foundation validates educators and parents countrywide who view social and emotional learning and service-learning as solutions to the wide-ranging impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and divisions throughout the nation. Read the full Ready to Engage report and view the press release to learn more.

New Data Emphasizes the Challenges Students Experiencing Homelessness Face in Graduating | Education Leads Home

March 30, 2021 — For the second year in a row, the U.S. Department of Education did not release a national graduation rate for students experiencing homelessness due to missing data from one state. Cohort counts from 49 states and the District of Columbia, however, show a national graduation rate of 67.7 percent, up slightly from 67.5 percent in 2018. Read more.

National High School Graduation Rate Hits Record High of 85.8% | GradNation Campaign

March 23, 2021 — The U.S. Department of Education released data showing the high school graduation rate for the class of 2019 has reached a record high of 85.8%. These new figures show an increase from the previous year’s rate of 85.3% and indicate continued progress toward equity across the country, as rates for students from historically disadvantaged communities increased by more than the national average. Read the press release.